Specialized Dementia Care

A Compassionate Choice

Families with members suffering from dementia face special challenges. Their first concern, of course, is for their loved one’s well-being. But caring for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia exerts a toll on the caregiver as well — in the form of constant worry for his or her safety, frustration as communication becomes more difficult, and the emotional pain of seeing radical changes in behavior and personality.

Eventually, caregivers may face the difficult but necessary choice of placing their loved one in a facility that can better meet his or her needs. When that time comes, Vista Care Centers are there with our dedicated Dementia Care units.

Our Program

Our Montessori-based dementia program is designed to help residents with Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia relate to the present by drawing on their senses to recall past life events. In a reassuring setting, residents have room to wander, and encounter specialized life skill stations to stimulate comforting memories.

Each of our Dementia Care units is under the direction of a certified Dementia Care Practitioner.


Families and friends of our Dementia Care residents enjoy open visiting hours in a warm atmosphere, while sharing activities and entertainment and building happy memories with their loved ones.